MRP Results

By Clifford Vickrey <>

For my dissertation, I estimate the longitudinal attitudes of voters at district and state levels using historical exit poll results. I generate these estimates using MRP (multi-level regression imputation and post-stratification). Estimates are available for all voters, just Democratic voters, just Republican voters, just affluent voters, and just poor voters. Use this tool to filter my results. Results will appear in an Excel 2007 document.


ide: Ideology
pid: Party identification
exit_poll: National and state exit polls, merged
cces: Cooperative Congressional Election Study
cces_genpop: CCES, all cases
cces_voters: CCES, verified voters only (excludes Virginia)
cces_sim_voters: CCES, verified voters & simulated election in Virginia
mrp: Multi-level regression, imputation & post-stratification estimate
tab: Unweighted dataset tabulation
obs: Observations